Labeling Git Branches

I came across git branch descriptions today and it is so freakin useful that I wanted to share. My branches usually look like this: $ git branch add-feature feature-add * implement-foo implement-foo2 temp temp2 It is… not the clearest. Luckily, you can add descriptions to branches: $ git checkout implement-foo2 $ git branch –edit-description —PopsContinue reading “Labeling Git Branches”

––thursday #7: git-new-workdir

Often I’ll fix a bug (call it “bug A”), kick off some tests, and then get stuck. I’d like to start working on bug B, but I can’t because the tests are running and I don’t want to change the repo while they’re going. Luckily, there’s a git tool for that: git-new-workdir. It basically createsContinue reading “––thursday #7: git-new-workdir”

How to Make Your First MongoDB Commit

10gen is hiring a lot of people straight out of college, so I thought this guide would be useful. Basically, the idea is: you have found and fixed a bug (so you’ve cloned the mongo repository, created a branch named SERVER-1234, and committed your change on it). You’ve had your fix code-reviewed (this page isContinue reading “How to Make Your First MongoDB Commit”

––thursday #3: a handy git prompt

Everyone says to use git branches early and often, but I inevitably lose track of what branch I’m on. My workflow generally goes something like: Check out a branch Lunch! Get back to my desk and make an emergency bug fix Commit emergency fix Suddenly realize I’m not on the branch I meant to beContinue reading “––thursday #3: a handy git prompt”

Pain in my CVS

This is pretty geeky, so sorry non-technical reader. There’s a glossary at the bottom if you’d like to follow along. I’ve been developing a PHP database driver for work, and this week I proposed it as a new PECL (pronounced “pickle”) package. Unfortunately, they use CVS for their packages. I’m used to Git. So, IContinue reading “Pain in my CVS”