––thursday #6: using git over ssh

Got a secret project on machine A and too cheap to get a Github private repo? Clone it directly on machine B with:

$ git clone ssh://user@A/absolute/path/to/repo/

Replace “user” with your username on A, “A” with the actual hostname of A, and “/absolute/path/to/repo/” with the absolute path to the git repository.

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  1. I’m using this method, but don’t bother with url schema, git tries ssh by default.

    Also, it is possible to not put username into the ~/.ssh/config like this:

    # ~/.ssh/config
    Host git
    Hostname mymachine.with.git
    Username ubuntu

    In that case, you will be able to do:

    git clone git:~/private-reps/some-rep.git

    Note, that I’m using not abolute path, but relative to the $HOME directory. And also, I’m clonning from a bare git repository. Bare repositories are safe to push and they are not waste space for the working copy.


    1. Cool, that’s a nice way to set it up.

      In my case, I didn’t want a bare repo because I’m working on my laptop & desktop (so I wanted the full copy of the repo on both).


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