The Snail Crawls On…

A bit of housekeeping: I’ve changed domain names, now this site is, not Old links should still work, they’ll just be permanent redirects to the new domain. Please let me know if you come across any issues!

Why the change? sounds more professional and is shorter. Also, I’m after fame and glory here (in a very niche market) and having people remember “that snail blog” instead of my name doesn’t help.

So why was it Snail in a Turtleneck in the first place?

I started this site as a place to put up cartoons and it seemed like a cute name for my comics. Since the site’s inception, the content has gotten more and more technical, and it now basically just a programming blog (although I still dream of being the Hyperbole-and-a-Half of tech blogging).

I also slapped a new coat of paint on the site design, so if you startle easily, don’t worry that it looks like a completely different site under a completely different domain.

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