AST Financial: the dumpster fire of a company

As an employee at MongoDB for several years, I had a bunch of shares that MongoDB was holding for me when it went public which I had to get to my brokerage account to actually sell. It turns out that the company can’t just hand you your shares, they have to go through a transferContinue reading “AST Financial: the dumpster fire of a company”

The High Ground in Low Country

Part of MongoDB’s company philosophy was not to trash-talk any of our competitors, no matter what. If we were asked, we should describe what the other solutions’ strengths and weaknesses were, and what good use cases would be. My coworkers researched the other databases out there and gave presentations on them, so we’d all beContinue reading “The High Ground in Low Country”

Finished The Definitive Guide

Or at least the writing it, it still has to be tech edited, “real” edited, illustrated, formatted, etc. The second edition is going to be about 400 pages (almost twice the length of the first edition), with majorly expanded sections on sharding, replication, and server administration. Phew. Now, some mea culpas: To those of youContinue reading “Finished The Definitive Guide”

MongoDB Puzzlers #1

Suppose that the collection contained the following documents: {“x”: -5} {“x”: 0} {“x”: 5} {“x”: 10} {“x”: [0, 5]} {“x”: [-5, 10]} {“x”: [-5, 5, 10]} x is some combination of -5, 0, 5, and 10 in each document. Which documents would{“x” : {“$gt” : -1, “$lt” : 6}}) return? Click here toContinue reading “MongoDB Puzzlers #1”

MongoDB changing default: now write errors are reported

I’m really happy to share that, in a coordinated effort, all official MongoDB drivers are changing their defaults to return a response from writes today. I think that this is kind of a turning point: MongoDB is finally “newbie safe.” You can just spin up a mongod and it’ll default to journaling being on. ThenContinue reading “MongoDB changing default: now write errors are reported”