Using secrets with Google AppEngine

For side project #4323194 (implement a chrome extension that looks like this: 👂 and turns red when someone mentions you on GitHub), I needed to implement oauth from AppEngine to GitHub. As I’ve mentioned before, oauth is my nemesis, but for this project there didn’t seem to be a great way around it. It actuallyContinue reading “Using secrets with Google AppEngine”

That’s senior programmer to you, buddy

After about a decade of professional programming, I have finally gotten promoted. For the first time. This is a weird industry. Regardless, I am now a “Senior Software Engineer.” Woo! Thinking about it, this has been a goal of mine for a long time. Now that I’ve achieved it, I’m not sure what’s next. “…andContinue reading “That’s senior programmer to you, buddy”

Pain-free OAuth with AppEngine

I do a lot of side projects (or at least start them) and implementing authentication is always like chewing on razor blades. I started another project recently using AppEngine and, bracing myself with a lot of caffeine and “suck it up, princess” attitude, I started doing “oauth appengine” searches. After digging through some documentation, IContinue reading “Pain-free OAuth with AppEngine”

Fixing CSS antialiasing on Chrome

I’ve been working on creating mazes with LimeJs and I ran into a problem: As you can see, this maze looks like it was rendered by a dying printer: there are horizontal white lines all over the place. I was going crazy trying to track down the cause: the squares were perfectly sized/placed and theContinue reading “Fixing CSS antialiasing on Chrome”

Smart Pointers and Heirloom Underpants

I’ve seen a lot of descriptions of scoped_ptr and unique_ptr, but often they don’t give clear examples of when to use one vs. the other. Hopefully this will clear things up. unique_ptr is like an heirloom ring: you might purchase it, have it all your life, and end up being buried with it. For example,Continue reading “Smart Pointers and Heirloom Underpants”

Upcoming Hackathons

A couple of interesting hackathons are coming up: October 4-7th: Ludum Dare October Challenge – The challenge is to monetize a game. Win the challenge by earning $1. You can monetize a game you’ve already made (or make a new one). October 11-12th: Tizen Hack, an in-person jam in NYC for making an app forContinue reading “Upcoming Hackathons”

––thursday #7: git-new-workdir

Often I’ll fix a bug (call it “bug A”), kick off some tests, and then get stuck. I’d like to start working on bug B, but I can’t because the tests are running and I don’t want to change the repo while they’re going. Luckily, there’s a git tool for that: git-new-workdir. It basically createsContinue reading “––thursday #7: git-new-workdir”