Revisionist history

I’ve switched out the first ~10 cartoons, and replaced them with one-shot gags. So there are a bunch of new comics to read, starting with the first one.

I’ve always preferred doing The Far Side-/New Yorker-style cartoons, but when I started this site, I thought I should do an ongoing story with characters and plot an all. It turns out that I like killing my characters too much for that to really work out. I hope you enjoy their brief existences.

Another comic

I finally put up another comic. I’ve been delayed for two reasons: first, I’ve been really busy with work. I’ve done some major work on the PHP driver, so it should now be easily installable on Linux and Mac (it’s also faster).

Second, I’ve been wanted to add a “one shot gag” section, which requires some fairly major rewriting of my site code, so I tried to get Git set up on Hostmonster (my hosting provider). I got it set up fine, but the money-grubbing jerks at Hostmonster block outgoing ssh unless you pay for a dedicated IP. So, I can’t put the source of my site on Github, which is sad. However, at least I have Git set up locally, so I don’t have to worry about breaking stuff.

Anyway, hope people enjoy the one-shots. More coming.

Downloading the Archives

Usually I discover new comics by reading a recent one I like, then starting from the beginning and reading the whole oeuvre. Unfortunately, I’m often not connected to the internet. So, if you like my comics:

  1. Email me and let me know. Artistic insecurity knows no bounds.
  2. Use this handy-dandy shell script to download them to your Linux box (you are running Linux, aren’t you?):


while [[ $i -le $max ]]; do
    wget "$(printf "%04d" $i).jpg" -O siat$(printf "%04d" $
    let "i=$i+1"

This will only hold you until I’ve done 10,000 cartoons, but that should be a few weeks, at least. You’ll have to replace $CURRENT_NUM with the number of the current comic. To figure out what this is, go to and the title of the comic will start with the current number.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these cartoons. Questions, comments, and suggestions are always welcome. Also, criticism, hate mail, death threats, whatever. Send it all to

* Not worth reading anymore, now every blog post is him promoting himself. I do recommend the archives, which have some really interesting information about investing, finances, that sort of thing.