A multi-stock portfolio: comparing returns

The last posts have discussed portfolio performance with a very boring portfolio: one stock! Things get more interesting when there’s more than one stock to compare. Let’s say we have a two stock portfolio now: SPY (as before) and DOCU (Docusign). We’ll combine the two tickers into one dataframe: Now that things are getting moreContinue reading “A multi-stock portfolio: comparing returns”

Show me the money: tracking returns

Last post went over building a very simple portfolio tracker to show a portfolio’s performance over time. However, it would be easy to trick myself: “My portfolio value is going up over time, I’m doing great!” But I’m also adding money to my portfolio over time, so that money shouldn’t “count” in terms of performance.Continue reading “Show me the money: tracking returns”

Building a (very simple) portfolio tracker with pandas

All of these graphs were created in Colab. I’ve actually never found a commercial product that does everything I want, so I figured I’d build one up in a series of blog posts. We’ll see how many I get through! 🧵👇 First, we’ll get SPY’s stock history with pandas_datareader. This returns a dataframe that looksContinue reading “Building a (very simple) portfolio tracker with pandas”