Nifty Flash Thing

Someone at work showed me, which is cool.

Using this blog’s URL (one whole post!) gives:

which I suppose it mostly accurate. I think this blog will be less about CURRENT in the future (even though that sounds… strange), and more about cartooning, Linux, reading, and stuff like that. If I remember, I’m going to repeat the experiment in a few months, see how things have changed.

Downloading the Archives

Usually I discover new comics by reading a recent one I like, then starting from the beginning and reading the whole oeuvre. Unfortunately, I’m often not connected to the internet. So, if you like my comics:

  1. Email me and let me know. Artistic insecurity knows no bounds.
  2. Use this handy-dandy shell script to download them to your Linux box (you are running Linux, aren’t you?):


while [[ $i -le $max ]]; do
    wget "$(printf "%04d" $i).jpg" -O siat$(printf "%04d" $
    let "i=$i+1"

This will only hold you until I’ve done 10,000 cartoons, but that should be a few weeks, at least. You’ll have to replace $CURRENT_NUM with the number of the current comic. To figure out what this is, go to and the title of the comic will start with the current number.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these cartoons. Questions, comments, and suggestions are always welcome. Also, criticism, hate mail, death threats, whatever. Send it all to

* Not worth reading anymore, now every blog post is him promoting himself. I do recommend the archives, which have some really interesting information about investing, finances, that sort of thing.