Sleepy.Mongoose: A MongoDB HTTP Interface

The first half of the MongoDB book is due this week, so I wrote a REST interface for Mongo (I’m a prolific procrastinator).  Anyway, it’s called Sleepy.Mongoose and it’s available at Installing Sleepy.Mongoose Install MongoDB. Install the Python driver: $ easy_install pymongo Download Sleepy.Mongoose. From the mongoose directory, run: $ python You’ll seeContinue reading “Sleepy.Mongoose: A MongoDB HTTP Interface”

CouchDB vs. MongoDB Benchmark

Edit (9/1/10): this benchmark is old, silly, and should probably be ignored in favor of more recent and representative ones. I don’t want to take it down for historical purposes, but seriously people, it was never a good benchmark, it’s over a year old at this point, and both databases have changed a lot. EditContinue reading “CouchDB vs. MongoDB Benchmark”