Writing MongoDB: The Definitive Guide

MongoDB: The Definitive Guide is now available in bookstores everywhere! (Or at least on Amazon.) Please pick up a copy! Some interesting things I learned about the process of publishing: There are professional indexers who write the index. This amazes me, because we had to proofread our index and I’ve never been so bored inContinue reading “Writing MongoDB: The Definitive Guide”

I Never Thought I’d Be On a Book

I’ve pretty much disappeared for the last few weeks because I’ve been finishing up MongoDB: The Definitive Guide, now available for pre-sale! It’s a comprehensive reference to MongoDB which should be useful for everyone, from a beginner who has never touched the database before to a core MongoDB developer (or so two have claimed… I’mContinue reading “I Never Thought I’d Be On a Book”

Once and Future Presentations

On Monday, I gave a presentation on MongoDB to the San Francisco MySQL user group.  It was a lot of fun, you can watch the recording on ustream: http://www.ustream.tv/flash/live/1/3708550Streaming Video by Ustream.TV Apparently the audio was buzzy (I haven’t actually listened to it myself yet). The audience especially enjoyed this slide about MySQL’s current situation:Continue reading “Once and Future Presentations”

St. Clementine’s Day

The night before Valentine’s Day, I got Andrew a crate of clementines (they’re already gone).  Yesterday, the Doghouse Diaries ran: I came down with a cold on Friday and neither of us wanted to do anything for Valentine’s Day so we ended up playing Legend of Zelda most of it. When we got hungry, we startedContinue reading “St. Clementine’s Day”

Five Worst Places for Mosquito Bites

If there is a mosquito within 50 feet of me, it will find me and bite me.  I am one of those people that attracts them like a magnet.  A delicious, blood-filled magnet.  Anyway, these are the places you should avoid getting bitten: 1. Face – Could be forhead, nose, cheek, eyelid… they all lookContinue reading “Five Worst Places for Mosquito Bites”