Hacking Chess: Data Munging

This is a supplement to the Hacking Chess with the MongoDB Pipeline. This post has instructions for rolling your own data sets from chess games. Download a collection of chess games you like. I’m using 1132 wins in less than 10 moves, but any of them should work. These files are in a format calledContinue reading “Hacking Chess: Data Munging”

Hacking Chess with the MongoDB Pipeline

MongoDB’s new aggegation framework is now available in the nightly build! This post demonstrates some of its capabilities by using it to analyze chess games. Make sure you have a the “Development Release (Unstable)” nightly running before trying out the stuff in this post. The aggregation framework will be in 2.1.0, but as of thisContinue reading “Hacking Chess with the MongoDB Pipeline”

SQL to MongoDB: An Updated Mapping

The aggregation pipeline code has finally been merged into the main development branch and is scheduled for release in 2.2. It lets you combine simple operations (like finding the max or min, projecting out fields, taking counts or averages) into a pipeline of operations, making a lot of things that were only possible by usingContinue reading “SQL to MongoDB: An Updated Mapping”