How MongoDB’s Journaling Works

I was working on a section on the gooey innards of journaling for The Definitive Guide, but then I realized it’s an implementation detail that most people won’t care about. However, I had all of these nice diagrams just laying around. Good idea, Patrick! So, how does journaling work? Your disk has your data filesContinue reading “How MongoDB’s Journaling Works”

If it quacks like a RDBMS…

MongoDB feels a lot like a relational database: you can think of documents as rows, do ad hoc queries, and create indexes on fields. There are, however, a ton of differences due to the data model, scalability considerations, and MongoDB’s youth. This can lead to some not-so-pleasant surprises for users. We (the developers) try toContinue reading “If it quacks like a RDBMS…”