I’m going to Brazil!

I have been invited to speak at Latinoware 2009!  It’s October 22-24th and I’m giving a talk on non-relational databases in general, MongoDB in particular.  I’ll be giving it in English, but it’s going to be simulcast in Spanish and Portugese. I’ve never been to South America, and I’m so excited.  The conference is rightContinue reading “I’m going to Brazil!”

Soccer: No Slimy GirlS Allowed!

Now, I love playing soccer, which I haven’t gotten to do much since high school. Recently, someone created a pickup soccer game meetup for IT professionals (http://www.meetup.com/soccer-nyc/).  What with it being geeks+soccer, this sounded awesome, so I requested to join.  Denied! Your request to join NYC Turquoise IT – Soccer For IT Professionals has beenContinue reading “Soccer: No Slimy GirlS Allowed!”

How do you make the web reliable?

Andrew and I were talking this morning about how we can count on the New York Times to be accurate, but an article linked to by Reddit is often horribly biased.  We began thinking about how to hold the web accountable, and we came up with a nifty idea.  Make it a wiki/competition/social network.  Here’sContinue reading “How do you make the web reliable?”

Because we are the Mutha Flippin Win

I’ve been keeping records of funny and nice things people have said about MongoDB. A lot of them can be found at http://www.mongodb.org/display/DOCS/User+Feedback, but there are some good ones that weren’t quite… “right” for the official page. So, slightly off-color, biased, or weird quotes ahoy: Mailing list: “Guys at Redmond should get a long courseContinue reading “Because we are the Mutha Flippin Win”

Got Mongo Working on Hostmonster!

This was written in April of 2009. It is very out of date. See http://rcrisman.net/article/11/installing-mongodb-on-hostmonster-bluehost-accounts for more up-to-date information (as of August 2010). Keep in mind that shared hosting with Hostmonster is very lame. They only lets you run a program for 5 minutes before killing it, so it’s fairly useless to install MongoDB unlessContinue reading “Got Mongo Working on Hostmonster!”

VM of Death and Doom from Hell

On Friday at work, I wrote a short post extolling the virtues of VMWare. It was freakin awesome. I had to debug a problem a user was having on a 3-year-old version of an obscure Linux distro, so Eliot (my boss) suggested using VMWare. It was so cool. I found a site that actually stillContinue reading “VM of Death and Doom from Hell”