First Two Weeks at Google

I’ve been at Google two weeks now and I’m loving it so far. My team is great and the work’s very interesting, but I can’t talk about what I’m doing, so:

There’s a ton of orientation stuff new employees have to do, which hasn’t been much fun. There was a scavenger hunt (which is the kind of thing I usually loathe) but we did find some cool stuff. One of the places on the list was “the music room.” When we went in it was a soundproofed room with a half-dozen guitars along one wall, an electric drumset, synth, a mic, soundboard, amps… it was amazing.

Other things I’ve discovered so far are:

  • The library, which has big comfy armchairs and couches, shelves of physical books, and a sci-fi touch interface for checking out ebooks.
  • The juice bar: free smoothies anytime.
  • The workshop with metal/wood crafting supplies and a 3D printer.

I also got this, er, unique hat:

Google beanie

If anyone wants a propellor beanie, let me know.

8 thoughts on “First Two Weeks at Google

    1. Sorry! I only have one hat and I just had to read a 600-page code of conduct about not sending swag to other countries (among other things), so… no. US-based friends only.


    1. Thanks! It’s going well. I’m working on their build system (sort of a distributed make) and it’s a lot of fun.


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