Operation: Crappy Sewing Machine commences

This weekend, I went to a bra-making workshop and won a sewing machine in a raffle. It isn’t really crappy, but I spent a couple of hours un-jamming it, so I’m bitter. The interesting thing about this machine is that it has a built-in camera, so you can take photos and video of exactly whatContinue reading “Operation: Crappy Sewing Machine commences”

The Joy of Programming

Last weekend I volunteered at Black Girls Code, an organization that encourages black girls to enter STEM fields. I was a teaching assistant for the “Build a Webpage in a Day” workshop, which basically covered some HTML and a tiny bit of CSS. The problem is, HTML isn’t very interesting. After a few hours someContinue reading “The Joy of Programming”

Summer Reading Blogroll

What are some good ops blogs? Server Density does a nice weekly roundup of sys admin posts, but that’s about all I’ve found. So, anyone know any other good resources? The more basic the better. In exchange, here are my top-10 “I’m totally doing something productive and learning something new” blogs: Programming Daniel Lemire’s BlogContinue reading “Summer Reading Blogroll”

10 Kindle Apps for the Non-Existent Developer API

The Kindle should have a developer API. Ereaders could be revolutionizing the way people read, but right now they’re like paperbacks without the nice book smell. I’ve heard a lot of people say, “the Kindle isn’t powerful enough for apps.” Poppycock. I’m not talking about using it to play Angry Birds, I’m talking about stuffContinue reading “10 Kindle Apps for the Non-Existent Developer API”

Lorenz University: I can has degree?

Misadventures in HR (an hilarious blog about… HR) mentioned Lorenz University, a degree mill. I’d never heard of a degree mill before, so I wanted to see how legit it looked from a computer scientist’s point of view. whois Every site on the internet has to register contact information the king of the internet, soContinue reading “Lorenz University: I can has degree?”