Summer Reading Blogroll

What are some good ops blogs? Server Density does a nice weekly roundup of sys admin posts, but that’s about all I’ve found. So, anyone know any other good resources? The more basic the better.

In exchange, here are my top-10 “I’m totally doing something productive and learning something new” blogs:


Daniel Lemire’s Blog
Articles on databases and general musing on CS and higher education.
Embedded in Academia
Everything you ever wanted to know about debugging compilers.
Preshing on Programming
Bring-a-tent-length articles about advanced programming concepts.
Sutter’s Mill
C++ puzzlers.


Schneier on Security
The best general security blog I’ve found.


How to Spot a Psychopath
General science Q&A, as well as justification for why every household needs 1kg of tungsten, 10,000 LEDs, and temperature-sensitive polymer.
In the Pipeline
A professional chemist’s blog. Sometimes way over my head, but generally pretty interesting.


On a less technical note, many of my coworkers write excellent blogs, here are two:

Max Schireson’s Blog
10gen’s president, writes about running a company and working at startups.
Meghan Gill’s Blog
10gen’s earliest non-technical hire, who deserves the credit for a lot of MongoDB’s success. Her blog is a really interesting and informative look at what marketing people do.

Whoops, that’s only nine. For the tenth, please leave a link to your favorite tech blog below so I can check it out!

Also, I artificially kept this list short, but there are ton of terrific blogs I read that didn’t get a mention. If you’re a coworker or a MongoDB Master, I probably subscribe to your blog and I’m really sorry if I didn’t mention it above!

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