configure: error: lib_i_don’ not found.

I work on Bazel, so I don’t usually get to see it from a user’s point of view. However, yesterday I added seven new projects to Bazel’s continuous integration, all of which promptly broke. I started cloning them and trying to fix them. These projects were various user-contributed rules for Bazel: rules for building Go,Continue reading “configure: error: lib_i_don’ not found.”

Star Trek invades our timeline

I was at Kennedy Space Center yesterday and they have an exhibit with all of the Apollo mission flags. Having mission flags is a great idea, more software launches should have flags, too. I noticed one in particular: (Please excuse the poor image quality, I have a technology-defying ability to take crappy photographs.) Those symbolsContinue reading “Star Trek invades our timeline”

Flag-Friday: debugging tests with –java_debug

To step through a Java test that you’re running with bazel test, use the –java_test flag: $ bazel test –java_debug //src/test/java/com/example:hello-test WARNING: Streamed test output requested so all tests will be run locally, without sharding, one at a time. INFO: Found 1 test target… Listening for transport dt_socket at address: 5005 At this point, switchContinue reading “Flag-Friday: debugging tests with –java_debug”

Saving the (prod) environment

You can create different environments (e.g., testing, prod, mobile, rainforest) with Bazel, then use them to make sure that targets only build with the right environment. This is a cool feature that’s undocumented (because it’s still in development, shhhhh, don’t tell anyone I told you about it). Let’s say you have a prod SSH keyContinue reading “Saving the (prod) environment”

Combining projects without converting to a monorepo

Bazel allows you to combine multiple directories from across your filesystem and pretend all of the sources are part of your project. This is a little hard to picture, so let’s use a concrete example. Let’s say you have two projects you’re working on, checked out at ~/gitroot/spaghetti-stable and ~/gitroot/meatballs-master. You don’t want to combineContinue reading “Combining projects without converting to a monorepo”

Non-technical advice for startups and open source projects

A former coworker recently asked me about what had worked well (and not) at MongoDB. I realized that I actually know a bunch of things about running an open source project/startup, some of which may not be common knowledge, so I figured I’d share some here. Things changed dramatically as the company grew and theContinue reading “Non-technical advice for startups and open source projects”