Recruiting review

Just got this message from a recruiter:

I know I recently reached out to you, but seriously, you’re the cat’s meow and I can see you being the perfect fit for [company]. Your current experience at Google is spot on with what our Talent Team is looking for.

[Description of company]

If I am way off base in my analysis of your profile, please let me know. However, if there is a small chance that I may have hit the nail on the head – I’d love to discuss the opportunity to join their team.

[Sign off]

deTECHtive | Talent Acquisition Manager

Points for actually describing what the company does. Points off for:

  • Using more analogies than I could swing a dead cat at.
  • deTECHtive
  • Being a Googler == what they’re looking for.

All in all, I rate it two resumes out of five: nothing egregious, but nothing appealing, either.

[star rating=”2″]

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