Snail Spam

When I started blogging, I called my blog “Snail in a Turtleneck,” a cute image that Andrew & I came up with. I drew up my mascot:

A bemused snail, wearing a turtleneck.
A bemused snail, wearing a turtleneck.

and I began posting cartoons I had drawn. I quickly became bored of doing cartoons, and found I was more motivated to put up technical blog posts. Most of my initial readers were coworkers and MongoDB users. When Andrew and I got married, I told my teammates the day before that I’d be out the next day, as I was getting married (we got married at the city clerk’s, so it wasn’t a big production). When I got back to work, I found this at my desk:

A stuffed snail, a snail tape dispenser, and a very lovely bouquet (that was entirely free of snails).
A stuffed snail, a snail tape dispenser, and a very lovely bouquet (that was entirely free of snails).

I was very touched by their thoughtfulness: Andrew and I still have the stuffed snail and I brought the tape dispenser along to Google (where, unfortunately, it was later lost during an intra-office move).

However, as MongoDB gained popularity, some of my posts became very popular and I began to regret the name: customers seemed a little embarrassed to mention they had gotten advice from it and a lot of people didn’t realize that I was actually behind it. I purchased, set up permanent redirects, and basically stopped referencing “Snail in a Turtleneck.” After a couple of years, I let the domain name lapse.

Last week, someone told me that my site had been hacked. I was confused, until they told me it was I took a look and, bizarrely, someone seems to have taken a dump of my site circa 2011, put spam on the index, and put it up at, complete with my artwork, cartoons, etc. The domain was registered through a privacy protection service, so I guess the next step is sending a DCMA takedown notice to the registrar.

Who does this? (I mean, spammers, but… so annoying.)

3 thoughts on “Snail Spam

  1. This happened to my girlfriend with one of her old sites too. I theorize someone has a script that recreates sites from Internet Archive content and expired domains. Please let me know if you find a way to take the old site down!


      1. I’ve just checked back on Jennifer’s reanimated site for the first time in a few months, and in fact it’s been taken down. I think it was the hosting company, rather than the registrar, that suspended the site.


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