Scaling, scaling everywhere

Interested in learning more about scaling MongoDB? Pick up September’s issue of PHP|Architect magazine, the database issue! I wrote an article on scaling your MongoDB database: how to choose good indexes, help handle load using replication, and set up sharding correctly (it’s not PHP-specific).

If you prefer multimedia, I also did an O’Reilly webcast on scaling MongoDB, which you can watch below:

Unfortunately, I had some weird lag problems throughout and at the end it totally cut my audio, so I didn’t get to all of the questions. I asked the O’Reilly people to send me the unanswered questions, so I’ll post the answers as soon as they do (or you can post it again in the comments below).

2 thoughts on “Scaling, scaling everywhere

  1. hi,kristina, thank you for your webcast, i have a question about objectid, as “A BSON ObjectID is a 12-byte value consisting of a 4-byte timestamps…”, can it someday have some conflits?


    1. When it wraps around in 28 years, it may cause problems. If this becomes imminent, we’ll probably add a new BSON type. If it bothers you, you could come up with your own type, use GUIDs, etc.


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