FOSDEM: Some Pictures

This picture was taken by outerthought at FOSDEM. People look fairly interested 🙂 There was a guy on the other side of the room who was asleep the whole time, but he was old and I tried not to look at him. You can see I’m all super-professional in my XKCD “I’m not slacking off, my code’s compiling” teeshirt.

Given I’m in Belgium, I sneaked a few Magrittes into my slideshow:

They just seemed to call out “consistency” and “transactions” for me.

Andrew and I actually tried to visit the Magritte museum today, but we couldn’t find it. We walked all around, circled the block… I figure it must be in his old house and it was closed, because it was indistinguishable from every other townhouse on the street. Annoying.

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