Soup and Circus

I was eating lunch today and reading my RSS feeds. Every half-dozen spoonfuls or so, I’d look at my bowl to plan my next phase of attack, but mostly I was just reading the blogs. Near the end of my soup, I looked down and saw a big clear chunk on my spoon. Now, I’ve been trying to get better about eating onions that haven’t made a trip through a Cuisenart, but this was rediculous. I picked it out. And realized that it was a chunk of glass.

A lot of the glasses have cracks in them, so one must have broken in the dishwasher and a piece fallen into the bowl. I’m going to be very careful about rinsing bowls out before using them, from now on.

I keep imagining it slicing open my gums, tongue, throat, or stomach, if I hadn’t happened to look down. Ugh.