I will gladly write a test Tuesday for a program today

When I started at Google last year, I was really impressed by their testing. Every C++ class had three files: a <classsname>.h file, a <classsname>.cc, and a <classname>_test.cc. Every time something new is implemented, it has to be tested. The code review tool even warns you if you add a new .h without an accompanyingContinue reading “I will gladly write a test Tuesday for a program today”

TEALS – Teaching CS on your way to work, part 2

If you’re in NYC and thinking about volunteering, there is another TEALS information session tonight. After my last post on TEALS, Dan Goldin generously offered to answer some questions about his experience teaching students in Kentucky (remotely from NYC). What class are you teaching? What are they learning now? I’m currently teaching AP Computer ScienceContinue reading “TEALS – Teaching CS on your way to work, part 2”

Mestre Boneco’s Training Sequences

I’ve been doing capoeira for about a year now. It’s very fun and a great martial art for geeks (singing! dancing! friendly people!). I really recommend it if you’re trying to get into shape or build strength/flexibility. Different capoeira schools use different sequences of moves, and I’ve never been able to find the ones myContinue reading “Mestre Boneco’s Training Sequences”

TEALS – Teaching CS on your way to work

Last night, I went to an information session about TEALS, a volunteer program where software engineers teach CS to high school students on their way to work. Basically, the schools schedule the CS class for first period so that the engineers can make it into work by 9:30. There are four programmer volunteers per classContinue reading “TEALS – Teaching CS on your way to work”

Update Your Feeds

Some RSS housekeeping: If you haven’t subscribed, subscribe over RSS or email! If you subscribed within the last couple of years, thank you and you don’t need to do anything. If you subscribed more than three years ago, please make sure you’re subscribed to kchodorow.com, not snailinaturtleneck.com. This site has been permanently redirecting to kchodorow.comContinue reading “Update Your Feeds”