MongoDB PHP Driver 1.0.3 Release

Version 1.0.3 was released today.  Everyone should upgrade because there were some weird bugs in 1.0.2 due to a half-complete feature that was added in 1.0.2 and has since been removed.  Unfortunately, because I’ve had to bump up the release date, the big feature that was scheduled for 1.0.3, asynchronous queries, has been pushed toContinue reading “MongoDB PHP Driver 1.0.3 Release”

Upcoming Talks

Want to learn more about MongoDB?  Here’s the places I’ll be speaking in the next month or so: January 13th – DC PHP Meeting ( January 19th – New York Perl Mongers Seminar ( January 25th – Long Island PHP User Group ( February 7th – FOSDEM – Free and Open Source Developers European MeetupContinue reading “Upcoming Talks”

Public Speaking: The Prequel

There’s a video that everyone seems to have seen of me (seriously, when I went to Brazil everyone mentioned it) presenting MongoDB to the San Francisco Java User Group.  Unfortunately, I think it’s the worst presentation I’ve ever given, partly because of the lead-up and partly because of inexperience. I looked up directions and gaveContinue reading “Public Speaking: The Prequel”

Installing Linux on a MacBook Air

It’s not a clean victory, but I got Linux onto my MacBook Air. When I first got my Air, I launched the Ubuntu install disk and followed the instructions on the Ubuntu wiki. Unfortunately, these instructions are apparently for the MacBook Air 1,1, and I had a MacBook Air 2,1. The Linux kernel froze inContinue reading “Installing Linux on a MacBook Air”

Five Worst Places for Mosquito Bites

If there is a mosquito within 50 feet of me, it will find me and bite me.  I am one of those people that attracts them like a magnet.  A delicious, blood-filled magnet.  Anyway, these are the places you should avoid getting bitten: 1. Face – Could be forhead, nose, cheek, eyelid… they all lookContinue reading “Five Worst Places for Mosquito Bites”