A personal anecdote: hot wheels

Last night I was walking Domino and a woman passed us pulling a wagon of obviously-just-bought stuff from Home Depot. A guy behind her leaned down to adjust one of the items and I thought “Oh, I guess they’re together.” Then he picked it up, did a 180, and started walking away.

I realized what was happening and shouted “Hey!” and made a half-hearted attempt to grab the guy. He took off and the woman dropped the wagon handle and ran after him. I took up a post guarding the wagon, since apparently it needed guarding. A minute later she returned, her chase unsuccessful.

“It was just wheels,” she told me. “Not anything too important.”

“That’s good,” I replied.

Still, it’s the first time in years I’ve witnessed such blatant theft.

2 thoughts on “A personal anecdote: hot wheels

  1. What city did this happen in? I lived in DC 2010-2012 and NYC in 2013, and but never witnessed a crime. However, I went to Amsterdam 2 years ago, and on three different occasions someone tried to rob me.


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