GitHub notification… notifier

Here is what my inbox look like each morning:

All those pink-tagged messages are emails from GitHub. Gmail cannot figure out which ones are important and GitHub’s notification stream, in my experience, is useless. It’s noisy and doesn’t clear the way I’d expect. The problem is, people actually do mention me on bugs. And I often have no idea.

So, I made my own notification system. It’s a Chrome extension that is a little ear that sits next to your location bar. If you have an unread GitHub notification, it turns red. If you’re all caught up, it’s green.

If this would be useful to you, please give it a try!

Download the Chrome extension here.

Feedback and suggestions welcome!

2 thoughts on “GitHub notification… notifier

  1. Interesting. Do you then turn off email notifications? If so don’t you miss the cross device functionality? Also how does this extension help reduce the noise? Sorry for asking so much questions but since I’m watching all conversations in Bazel I have a serious overload. BTW- do you know


    1. I haven’t turned off email notifications because we have a sheriff rotation where I need to check absolutely everything that comes in every couple of weeks (which is one reason I think the priority inbox gets confused).

      I don’t usually respond to issues on mobile devices, if that’s what you mean by cross-device functionality.

      I think it reduces the noise by only showing things that involve me and letting me mute them when I no longer care. If you have any ideas or suggestions about what you’d like to see, lmk!

      I hadn’t seen before! Very similar & nice design. I like the chrome extension form factor, though.


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