After getting Google Glass, I started wearing it around. Every day I’ve worn it, someone has asked me about it. A waiter even asked to try it on (which I let him, not like he was going to run off). Only guys have asked me about it, but that might be because guys tend to be more willing to talk to random people in public.

A couple things I’ve noticed:

  • Taking surreptitious photos of people is super easy. Glass takes a photo when you wink, so as long as someone isn’t looking at you, you can take a photo of them without them noticing. I really like this, because I like sketching people but you can only stare at someone for about half a second before they can tell. With Glass, I can take a quick photo and sketch from that.
  • The screen automatically turns on if you raise your head. Unfortunately, Andrew is a foot taller than I am, so every time he starts talking I look at him and my screen turns on. Then I feel like a jerk because it looks like I’m doing something else while he’s talking, whereas I’m just trying to give him my undivided attention. The head tilt angle is adjustable, but I think I’d need to modify it to something comical for it to not trigger in conversation. (Maybe you can make it negative… I’ll have to play with that.)

4 thoughts on “Glupdate

  1. Mmm, very interesting the thing with pictures. It seems that there is a lot of people worried that someone can take pictures of them without knowing (and not that much about upload their pictures to the Internet willingly). I wonder how that will change our expectations and shape what is acceptable/weird/creep or not…


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