A finite simple group of order two

On my way into an underpass.

Andrew and I just returned from our honeymoon in the mountains, so I am now going to wax boring about how awesome it was.

We really love rock climbing, so we went on a lot of rock scrambles. Rock scrambles involve “scrambling” around rocks, boulders, little cliffs, and crevices. We skittered down slippery sheets of rock, trying to hit the tiny outcroppings and avoid tumbling to our deaths. Then the trail markers would betray us, pointing us right into the crevices, under huge boulders, across precariously balanced natural bridges of rock, through tiny gaps where I barely fit and there was a moment of panic where I thought Andrew was going to get stuck.

At one point, we came to a particularly buggy area. The air was warm and full of tiny flies and mosquitoes. I kept flailing at them, mostly just managing to whack myself in the head. The trail hit the edge of a pit with steep walls blocking our view of everything but the path in front of us. Slipping, sliding, and slapping ourselves in the head, we made our way down.

Not as bad as it looked! (Rockin my XKCD shirt)

As we went, the air got ten degrees colder, then twenty, then thirty. Suddenly there were no bugs at all. We reached the bottom of the pit and the air was pleasantly cold. Then we saw why: there were piles of snow! The hole was completely surrounded by rock and protected from the sun, forming natural ice box.

As we scrambled up the other side of the pit, the air became warmer and the bugs resumed their assault, but for a moment there, it was like we were in an ice dragon’s lair in the heart of a hot jungle.

Also, we got room 314 (3.14), which seems like a good omen.

Finally, if you’re a geek and don’t know what the title is referring to, you should watch the video.

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