Five Worst Places for Mosquito Bites

If there is a mosquito within 50 feet of me, it will find me and bite me.  I am one of those people that attracts them like a magnet.  A delicious, blood-filled magnet.  Anyway, these are the places you should avoid getting bitten:

1. Face – Could be forhead, nose, cheek, eyelid… they all look like zits and itch like hell.  I always get these when there’s a mosquito in my bedroom, since the rest of me is under the covers all night.

2. Top joint of finger – these itch a lot, and then they just hurt because there’s not really enough skin slack there to support something swelling up.

3. Nipple – very difficult to itch.  Looks strange, too.

4. Big toe – there’s juuuust enough room between your foot and the shoe to rub this all day, but have you ever tried itching your foot through a shoe?

5. Rows of bug bites – okay, this last one isn’t really a place, but I’ve gotten these really irritating bites where the mosquito bit me, took two steps, bit me, took two steps, bit me, and so on.  It’s like the poison ivy of bug bites.

In conclusion, I hate mosquitoes.

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