Soccer: No Slimy GirlS Allowed!

Now, I love playing soccer, which I haven’t gotten to do much since high school. Recently, someone created a pickup soccer game meetup for IT professionals (  What with it being geeks+soccer, this sounded awesome, so I requested to join.  Denied!

Your request to join NYC Turquoise IT – Soccer For IT Professionals has been declined

The person who declined your request, Xxxxxxxxxx, said:
sorry not for girls

and he added the “Male only” bullet point to the membership requirements.

WTF? It’s a freakin pickup game! Are they afraid women will get hurt? Sit around buffing our nails? What?

Edit: I just told my cowoker Mike about it and he linked me to, which is a group he started and thus, he assures me, is coed.  Everyone (interested in soccer) should join this group!

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