Update Your Feeds

Some RSS housekeeping: If you haven’t subscribed, subscribe over RSS or email! If you subscribed within the last couple of years, thank you and you don’t need to do anything. If you subscribed more than three years ago, please make sure you’re subscribed to kchodorow.com, not snailinaturtleneck.com. This site has been permanently redirecting to kchodorow.comContinue reading “Update Your Feeds”

Fixing CSS antialiasing on Chrome

I’ve been working on creating mazes with LimeJs and I ran into a problem: As you can see, this maze looks like it was rendered by a dying printer: there are horizontal white lines all over the place. I was going crazy trying to track down the cause: the squares were perfectly sized/placed and theContinue reading “Fixing CSS antialiasing on Chrome”

Getting Better All the Time via Code Review

I read a great blog called Ask a Manager, which recently posted a question that I think had more of a technical than business solution: [New coworker’s] HTML and CSS work are terrible. This is his first “real” job out of college, so I understand that he has some catching up to do as farContinue reading “Getting Better All the Time via Code Review”