Me talking at FOSDEM.

My name is Kristina Chodorow and this is my personal website. It’s mostly a blog about technical or geeky topics.

I’m a software engineer at Google and I live in New York City with my wonderful husband, Andrew.


I currently work on the Build Tools team at Google. I love learning about programming languages, operatings systems, and distributed systems.


I’ve done a lot of work on MongoDB’s replication system and other internals. I wrote the PHP driver, which is now maintained by Derick and Hannes. I also used to maintain the Perl driver, which is now handled by Mike Friedman.


I’ve programmed a couple of games that you can find here.


I wrote MongoDB: the Definitive Guide (O’Reilly) with Mike Dirolf and Scaling MongoDB. I’m always open to new and interesting writing projects.


I’ve given talks at conferences and meetups worldwide, including OSCON, FOSDEM, Latinoware, YAPC::NA, and MongoSF. I’m not giving talks anymore.


You can find me on Twitter or Github. My email is k dot chodorow at gmail dot com. Do not send me time-sensitive messages on Facebook, I never check it. Email or tweet is much more likely to be read in a timely fashion.

Even more about me

Some posts I’ve written about me/my life (in order posted):

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